This resource page is a collection of web resources to support collaboration and land management in the arid zone.

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Australian Government – Department of Environment

10 Deserts IBRA Map

10 Deserts_IBRAMap.pdf

Bioregional Fact Sheets – from Rangelands 2008 – Taking the pulse

Indigenous Protected Areas

Threat Abatement Advice – Buffel Grass

Greening Australia

Central Australia EcoRegional Assessment Report – July 2014


Ninti OneĀ 

Resource Centre

Buffel grass: both friend and foe (Desert Knowledge CRC)

Desert Fire: fire and regional land management in the arid landscapes of Australia (Desert Knowledge CRC)

South Australian Government

Buffel Grass Strategic Plan 2012-2017

The PEW Charitable TrustsĀ 

The Modern Outback





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