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Moses Moses

Composed by Henry Mollicone

Conducted by James Conlon

March 11, 2023

The empowering story of one nation's struggle for freedom

Written by late composer Henry Mollicone and librettist Shishir Kurup, Moses is the empowering story of one nation's struggle for freedom. Based on the Old Testament account, this exciting opera brings together a cast of hundreds to explore universal themes of courage, humility and perseverance.


Ryan Wolfe
Madeleine Lyon
Sarah Saturnino
Anthony León
Voice of God 1
Jethro / Voice of God 2
Alan Williams

Creative Team

James Conlon
Shishir Kurup
Henry Mollicone
Eli Villanueva
Natalie Iscovich
Assistant Conductor
Charlie Kim
Scenic Designer
Alan E. Muraoka
Costume Designer
Alexa Behm
Lighting Designer
Azra King-Abadi
Sound Designer
Jon Gottlieb

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The Egyptian Pharaoh has ordered the death of all newborn sons of the enslaved Israelites. Jocabed, a slave, places a basket into the Nile with her infant son tucked inside, and watches it float away. The basket is found by Bithia, an Egyptian princess, who raises the child as her own son and names him Moses.

When they are young men, Ramses, the future Pharaoh, wishes that he could abdicate in favor of his adopted brother Moses, for Moses has the disposition of a warrior and king. Seeing a foreman whip a fallen slave, Moses leaps forward to defend the slave. Ramses warns Moses to control his anger. The foreman and his men later attack Moses, who kills the foreman. Ramses banishes Moses.

Caught in a sandstorm, Moses awakens near a well where he defends Zipporah and her six sisters from seven shepherds harassing them. Impressed, their father Jethro allows Zipporah to marry the brave stranger. They are soon expecting a child.

The Voice of God summons Moses to Mount Sinai, instructing him to free the Israelites. Moses confronts Ramses, who demands a demonstration of God’s power. The Ten Plagues descend upon Egypt, sparing only the Israelites. Ramses’ own young son dies during the final plague. Ramses relents and tells Moses to lead his people into the desert.

The Exodus begins. Ramses observes their joy and his grief turns into rage. He leads his army after them to the shore of the Red Sea. Moses raises his arms and the sea parts, allowing the Israelites to cross. When Ramses and his army follow, the seas close, drowning Pharaoh’s army.

On the hard journey, the people of Israel lose faith. They dance before a golden calf, worshiping it. Moses again climbs Mount Sinai, finding himself before the Burning Bush from which God declares that he will punish this heresy. Moses offers himself in place of the people. God’s love flows over Moses. He gives Moses the tablet of the Ten Commandments. The people of Israel find their faith again. They are finally free, safe and home.

Production made possible by a generous grant from
Dan Murphy Foundation

 Special support also received from
City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
Mrs. Joseph A. Saunders

Piano graciously provided by
Yamaha, Official Piano of LA Opera 

 LA Opera’s 2022/23 season is generously underwritten by
GRoW @ Annenberg 

Artwork for Moses
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