Achievements of the past year

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Despite having limited resources, Ten Deserts has managed to achieve some notable goals….

  • Funding secured for 2015

– $5000 Rangelands NRM (WA),

– $5000 Department Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SA)

–  $32 000 Pew Charitable Trusts


– Employment of 0.2 FTE Coordinator (Jimmy Cocking – Arid Lands Environment Centre)

– Organisation of a face-to-face workshop in Alice Springs adjacent to the Rangelands Society Conference in April 2015

  • Hosted 6 x Working Group Phone-Link Up meetings with up to 12 people participating across 5 time zones
  • Initiated Buffel Free GVD Working Group Phone Link Up meeting with 9 different organisations represented across the SA/WA border – December 2015
  • Developed agreed purpose and principles
  • Attended cross-border meetings supporting collaboration

– Participated in Landscape Scale Conservation Workshop at Rangelands NRM (WA) in Perth – late June 2014

– Participated in Working on Desert Country workshop in Sydney – November 2014

– Attended the Indigenous Desert Alliance meeting in Perth – November 2015

  • Organised Face-to-face meeting and workshop in Alice Springs – with 33 people from 22 organisations attending – April 2015
  • Identified key priorities for Ten Deserts – A Buffel-free Great Victoria Desert and sharp focus on developing a framework for cross-border and cross-tenure fire planning and management are the two major priorities.
  • Base level funding secured for Coordinator (0.5FTE) for 2016 and 2017.

– $60 000 pa for 2 years pending matching funds in first year from Pew Charitable Trusts

– $30 000 for 2016 from The Nature Conservancy.

  • Workplan developed for 2016-17 with a focus on large, impactful collaborative, cross-border and cross-tenure projects – #BuffelFreeGVD and

It is exciting times as the Ten Deserts is building support and coordinating collective action on a massive scale. Fire is key to the health of our landscapes and livelihoods in this country, if we can all start to see it as a tool rather than a threat – then we can start moving forward together.

In 2016 Ten Deserts will:

– organise a face to face meeting for partners and working group members

– catalyse action on regional fire management and planning

– develop the Buffel Free GVD into a series of funded projects

– survey land managers and stakeholders to identify current and emerging issues on the land

-organise the on-country Desert Fire Forum and Workshop for 2017 and;

– raise the profile of Australia’s ten deserts and the surrounding arid lands.

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